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HomeHints eNews is a professionally written and edited electronic newsletter (eZine) distributed monthly, to recipients that you designate. Our informative newsletter includes useful articles for homeowners that are branded with your company image and contact information, presenting you as the subject matter expert. (see sample newsletter). Every month your clients are reminded of you and your services. This enables them to refer you to their friends, family and associates who will call you to set appointments - not price shop. Leverage the awesome power of automatic Internet marketing and put all of your past, present and potential contacts to work for you now! Subscriptions are less than one dollar per day. Sign up - Click here.
Key user benefits include:
  • Simple - Any level of computer user can make use of the system.
  • Content provided for you - Just add your profile information and the email addresses of your subscribers. We do the rest.
  • Word of mouth on steroids - Everyone knows the power of word of mouth referrals. Using this platform is like word of mouth times a factor of 10.
  • Automatic marketing - Every month your company images along with useful home tips and articles of interest are presented to hundreds, yes, even thousands of your business and personal contacts, empowering them to refer interested parties to you.
  • Your subscriber list will grow - Automatically and without you having to lift a finger, your subscribers will encourage others to sign up to receive your newsletter. We also provide a form for you to place on your web site so that your web site visitors can sign up.
  • Your contacts never forget you - Recipients of your newsletter will always have your name on the tip of their tongue ready to refer in casual conversation when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Drives on line traffic to your website -Your web site link is embedded into every newsletter, driving increased traffic to your web site.
  • Branding presents you as the professional authority - Your phone will ring with potential clients wanting your services and asking questions. You will be known as the subject matter expert. This presents an opportunity for you to turn those phone calls into revenue.

After several months of using our service, you will begin to notice that callers have already made up their mind to hire you by the time they call you. This is because they consider you the expert and want to do business with competent professionals. The best part is that these referred customers are not price shoppers. Join now Click here

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